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Click on the thumbnails to view an enlarged photo of the carved pumpkin.

The photos were taken with a Canon IXUS 700 digital photo camera with an ISO of 200.

Due to the poor light, the camera was placed on a tripod to get sharper en more clear pictures. Taken manually (in hand), the pictures would appear to blurry because the lens stays open longer to gather enough light to take the shot. Because of this, the slightest tremor would give a blurry, wiped out picture.

With most pictures you don't see the pumpkin or contour, this is because the pictures were taken in total darkness. Also, if the pumpkin skin is thinner, more light will shimmer through. With a thicker skin the light will practically come only from the cut-out figures.

Enjoy the photos!

2005-foto01 2005-foto02 2005-foto03 2005-foto04 2005-foto05 2005-foto06
2005-foto07 2005-foto08 2005-foto09 2005-foto10 2005-foto11 2005-foto12
2005-foto13 2005-foto14 2005-foto15 2005-foto16 2005-foto17 2005-foto18
2005-foto19 2005-foto20 2005-foto21 2005-foto22 2005-foto23 2005-foto24
2005-foto25 2005-foto26 2005-foto27 2005-foto28 2005-foto29 2005-foto30
2005-foto31 2005-foto32 2005-foto33 2005-foto34 2005-foto35 2005-foto36
2005-foto37 2005-foto38 2005-foto39 2005-foto40 2005-foto41 2005-foto42
2005-foto43 2005-foto44 2005-foto45 2005-foto46 2005-foto47 2005-foto48
2005-foto49 2005-foto50 2005-foto51 2005-foto52 2005-foto53 2005-foto54
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