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Funkins - artificial pumpkins

On this page you'll find all the information about Funkins and how to order tem (EU only).

Funkins are very realistic looking, artificial pumpkins. They last forever!

That is why they are great for parties, restaurants, indoor-events, pubs,
as table- or garden decoration at Halloween, ... The possibilities are endless.
They are light and easy to handle.
Only use battery-operated lights, no flames! When you purchase a Funkin you'll get a free "artifical candle pumpkin light" (1 with each purchased Fun-kin).
More about Funkins: click here.

Prices start at 29,95 €.
You can also buy uncarved Funkins: they cost 25,95 €. There are several different sizes (between 25 and 32 cm high).
Send me an e-mail if you'd like extra information.

A few "Funkins" examples:
     Funkin 'Happy Halloween'          


Funkin   Funkin   Funkin   Funkin

Funkin   Funkin   

  Days until Halloween
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